Brands We Love vs. Brands We Hate

David Bier recently created the below infographics for an article he wrote for Fast Company. These diagrams illustrate why consumers are passionate about some brands and loathsome of others. Bier’s insight concludes that a great brand experience that adds value involves three main qualities, “Help, Expectation & Observation”. These meet to make up additional positive qualities […]

The type fight is on!

Typefight evolved when Drew Roper, Ryan Paule and Bryan Butler needed distraction from their day jobs. They assigned a random letter to two designers asking them each to create their own creative spin on the same letter and let the week long battle begin. A total of 76 battles have been hosted by typefight thus […]

Apple tops Coca-Cola as ‘Best Global Brand’

According to Interbrands 2013 ‘Best Global Brands’ report, Coca-Cola has been replaced as most valuable brand for the first time by Apple! Last year Apple was sitting behind Coca-Cola in second position, but a 28% growth this year leaves Apple smiling, valued at a massive $98,316 billion. Following behind Apple, Google has had an increase […]